Payment Manager OSSOpen source software that standardizes onboarding and participating in a Mojaloop compatible real-time payment network.
Get connected quickly. Stay connected securely.

Connecting to a real-time payment network requires a high level of sophistication and skill. Payment Manager enables your financial institution to easily connect its core systems to the network and provides ongoing security and continuous monitoring so that you can deliver quality financial services to your customers.

Accelerate banking core connections

Standardize the process of mapping your financial institution’s backend system to the real-time payment hub. Templates provide a use case-based API that simplifies the scheme’s complexity and reduces the amount of time required to connect.

Automate and secure communications

Automate much of the certificate creation and configuration process to enable an efficient and effective security system. As a result, you no longer need specialized security personnel during the onboarding phase or when updating security certificates.

Monitor and track 24/7/365

Stay informed with built-in dashboards and reports that enable you to manage your technical operations with minimal staff. Built-in controls identify root causes quickly and prevent potential service interruptions through predictive support and monitoring.

Who is behind Payment Manager?